Your issues, our answers

Crucial organisation issues

We offer a broad range of services. The central component is always the development of insight and behaviour. We can offer you the advice and support you need in a large number of crucial situations. The following is a random selection:

  • Knowing for sure that the new employee ‘fits’.
  • Getting committee members (with different interests) to agree during a placement process.
  • Does the changing organisation require different behaviour from your people?
  • Using talent management effectively.
  • Poor cooperation which has a carry-on effect in the operating result.
  • Does the responsibility for leading a process of change rest on your shoulders?
  • Taking a leave of employees and giving them support.
  • As a HR business partner having more impact on the line management.

Your issues, our answers

1. The right person in the right position

  • assessment and development centers
  • career guidance and coaching
  • supervising selection processes
  • personal coaching

2. Management development

  • assessments and other competence research, such as PINSIGHT
  • supervision processes for management teams
  • leadership training courses
  • personal coaching
  • the Change expedition, supervision programme for managers in changing organisations

3. Team development

  • determining team roles and team synergy
  • team training, team planning
  • supervising partnerships

4. Talent management and sustainable employability

  • talent assessments
  • Careerfit, a programme which emphasises competencies and work values
  • supervision of sustainable career steps

5. Strategic business partner

  • The CPM-Academy for strategic business partners. An interactive course for both managers and HR professionals, provided by hotshots from the world of change management, HR and consultancy.

If you would like to find out more about our services, we would be only too pleased to provide you with some additional information. Please do not hesitate to contact us.