Team supervision

Organisations regularly ask for supervision of a (management) team or department, for example:

  • during reorganisations, or other developments which require a change in attitude and behaviour;
  • if a team is stuck or is unable to cooperate effectively;
  • if the atmosphere at work is not okay, or if team members do not dare, or cannot, call each other to account.

We provide support in the form of workshops and training courses. We also offer individual coaching and supervision.

Workshops and training courses

Our trainers and consultants work interactively with workshops or short training courses. In a group of limited size. Far from being boring these tailor-made meetings are always stimulating and inspiring sessions. Participants are constantly challenged to link theories and insights with cases in their own practical work situation. New material is used immediately to ensure that it has the greatest impact.

Content varies

The subjects are extremely diverse, depending on the target group (managers, employees, staff members) and the level of the group. However, above all it depends on what the future demands of the (management) team or the department. Leadership, advising, influencing, cooperating: these are aspects which may feature during a tailor-made training session or supervision. The participants are encouraged to reflect about behaviour that is necessary to contribute to the organisation’s goals and to retain its raison d’être in the near future.

More information
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