PINSIGHT®, a modern, virtual tool

An exciting, modern and, above all, challenging virtual tool to determine leadership or sales potential. Can be used in the context of talent development or selection.
The candidate is in the driving seat of the intended position during an online simulation programme lasting several hours. Using a computer he has to respond to mails, tasks, simulations and telephone calls. A challenging environment in which he repeatedly has to make choices and set priorities, as if he was actually working.

For whom? For manager potentials at 3 levels (operational management/middle management/senior management & board) and sales professionals.


• Real life online simulations in the form of mails, tasks, etc.

• 2 to 3 role plays via a video link and telephone, whereby the consultant looks for interaction with the participant.

• Questionnaires about personality and learning agility.

• A detailed report with all kinds of graphics. A solid basis for customised development programmes, linked to the organisation’s strategic or sales objectives.

What makes PINSIGHT® unique?

• Giving reports to whoever is ready for a next step in management or sales, now or in the future.

• Group reports facilitate individual comparability.

• Group reports provide an insight into collective strengths and development needs.

• Available in various languages and therefore suitable for organisations with foreign parent or sister companies or subsidiaries.

• No restrictions in place or time thanks to online implementation. No unnecessary travel, no jet lag

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