Assessment types

Assessments: the various objectives, types and target groups

Experienced assessment specialists and a customised mix of valid and reliable resources facilitate a crystal clear analysis, unequivocal advice and practical support in terms of the ‘landing’ in a new organisation or personal development.

Various objectives

  • Appointment-related advice during a recruitment and selection procedure.
  • Determining the development potential in the context of internal promotion.
  • Certification on behalf of a basic registration as primary education registered director. (NL)
  • Determining talents in a talent management process.
  • Support for (enforced) career development steps.
  • Basis for management development processes.
  • Point of departure for team training courses or workshops.

Various types

Depending on the situation and purpose we choose a combination of instruments: practical simulations with professional role players, business cases, competency scans, interviews, cognitive tests, questionnaires about personality, motivation, willingness to change, desired types of work and culture, career anchors, learning profiles, etc.

Pinsight occupies a unique position in this arsenal, as does a self-assessment. In a self assessment the participant also uses video recordings to reflect personally on his behaviour-related performance. Especially valuable for self-insight and acceptance!

Various target groups

Our assessments are for managers at all levels, advisors, project leaders, controllers, marketing and sales professionals and all other professionals for whom the right behaviour is crucial in order to make their job a success. Usually for people with a working and intellectual ability at secondary vocational education level, up to university level.

The real added value

The resources are modern, sometimes digital and can be used independently of place and/or time. Where possible we use a modern E-portfolio. However the real added value is in the personal involvement (possibly via Skype) of the assessment participant and client. Before, during and after the assessment. And particularly in the realistic recommendations which the individual and organisation can use to take real steps forward.

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Or download the full overview of assessment types here. (NL)